Canadian Health&Care Mall: Business Card Info, Feedbacks & Details

Ovarian cancer
Ovarian cancer
November 2, 2015

Canadian Health&Care Mall: Business Card Info, Feedbacks & Details

chcm review

Company Review

Canadian Health&Care Mall is one the most convenient and customer-friendly online service for buying drugs. The e-store claims to have safety and quality of all medications as their priority. Apart from that, the company is licensed, has affordable prices, live professional assistance, numerous bonuses, discounts and promotions.

chcm review

As for the Canadian Health&Care Mall’s history, I did not find any information about the company’s experience at this field either that the fact that they started as an actual pharmacy retailing business. This fact indeed gives them a head start on a deeper understanding of customers’ needs.

The benefits of purchasing medication from this pharmaceutical service are numerous. At Canadian Health&Care Mall website, customers get a chance to obtain the drugs for a wide variety of health issues, including the conditions that affect stomach, skin, heart, lungs, eyes, blood, sexual function, and many others. Regardless of the indications, all the drugs are manufactured by the authorized pharmaceutical producers that have a spotless reputation. The medications are made in accordance with all the safety regulations, and you can be confident that you always get what you’ve ordered.

Having said that, it seems that the main e-store’s focus is on the oral erectile dysfunction treatment such as so-called PDE5 inhibitors, Viagra, Cialis and Levitra as well as the vast range of their generics. To win the user’s trust on generic products, the company offers a lot of information and articles in order to explain the differences in quality and prices.

At the company, they accept the payments performed using Visa, Master Card, American Express, and eCheck. While using you credit card with the help of SSL, any information you enter is protected from unauthorized access.

At Canadian Health&Care Mall, they use the following delivery companies: Regular Airmail and Express Courier. When it comes to Regular Airmail, they work with this company to ensure international shipping while Express Courier is perfect for delivering the drugs to the US residents. The waiting period for delivery of drugs by Regular Airmail is two to three weeks, but the medications can be delivered faster. The waiting period of Express Courier is approximately 8-14 business days. Their customers have an opportunity to track their drugs, which helps them feel confident that the drugs are on their way.

When it comes to the duration of delivery, it depends on the shipping method that you choose. With the help of Express Courier, you are expected to get the drugs in 8 to 14 days. If you go for Regular Airmail, the maximum waiting period is 21 days. Obviously, the majority of orders take less time to arrive. After you get the confirmation from the company, your drugs will be shipped within 10 days. You will get a notification to your email that your drugs have been shipped. It should be noted that shipping is performed only on business days.

They follow the Personal Information Protections and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). The personal details that you enter on the website are encrypted with the help of SSL. Your information is viewed only by the authorized representatives of the company, which is necessary to finish your order.

Canadian Health&Care Mall Feedbacks

In total, I counted less than 20 feedbacks from the clients, all mostly positive, highlighting excellent prices and custom service efficiency. There were some negative moments about a stolen account. Some of the reviews did not look very natural to me though. Here are some of them below:



Just a few months back I was scared of online shopping for medications, though my fear disappeared the moment I opened the page of CHCM. The assistive customer support team helped me choose all the necessary medications, correct dose and strength, gave me recommendations and tips concerning the processes of ordering, payment and delivery and provided me with hot deals. I do not remember my last time purchasing medications from a land-based drugstore, really.

– Clarence Jackson, 39 Years old



I am extremely thankful for everything you did for me: for the saved time and money, your support and assistance, fast services and big discounts. I have been your customer for 2 years already, and you have never failed me!

– Sean, Alabama



Ordering medications from Canadian Health and Care Mall is in general a positive experience, but what happened afterwards was horrible. Someone simply stole my email account and other private information. During a couple of weeks I was receiving spam messages with a link to CHCM. Besides, it seemed impossible to keep in touch with the customer support team or other workers. However, fortunately, I have managed to get in touch with technical support that fixed this problem fast and easily.

– James, 37 years old

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The website looks very user-friendly and trustworthy, you can see Canadian Health and Care Mall does care about its image and clients. I believe you can shop safely there, however, I would try working with them for a while to see if their words match with reality.